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Black underfloor heating posed in a under construction building

Electrical under-floor heating in Torquay

Call Brookes Electrical in Torquay on install your electrical under-floor heating.

infrared floor heating system under laminate floor

A cost-saving luxury

Under-floor heating is a luxury, but it can also save you money in the long run. For more information, why not contact us to find out more.

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Benefits of electrical under-floor heating

There are so many wonderful benefits to having electrical under-floor heating (EUH) installed in your home:

Maximise space

EUH takes up zero space, whereas radiators take up wall space and can limit how you use a room.


Luxurious comfort

imagine how nice it would be to walk barefoot around your home with lovely warm floors.


Reduce cold spots

EUH provides even heating throughout the room, using a combination of radiant and convection heating.

Underfloor heating helixes while house building

Reduce your energy bills

Electrical under-floor heating can be more energy efficient as it operates at a lower temperature than radiators. The floor will stay warm, even if the windows have been left open, so there is less waste. EUH is also compatible with renewable technology, such as solar panels or heat pumps. Even though the best time to fit EUH is during a new build or extension, it is still possible to fit EUH in an existing or older property, just call us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Underfloor heating with collector and radiator in the room. Concept of technology heating.

Easily controllable

Electrical under-floor heating can be controlled using a smart home system with Wi-Fi thermostats, meaning it can be turned on when you are travelling home, so the house is warm as soon as you arrive at your front door. It can be installed in domestic and commercial properties, and is particularly beneficial in bathrooms and kitchens. It provides a warm floor for bare feet and helps the floor to dry out, thus reducing the potential of slips and trips on wet flooring.

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Are you dreaming of under-floor heating?

Contact Brookes Electrical in Torquay for a free quote to install electrical under-floor heating in your home. We also install kitchen and bathroom electrical systems.

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