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Modern Kitchen

Kitchen electrics in Torquay

Contact Brookes Electrical in Torquay to check your electrical system.

High angle view of technician checking washing machine with digital multimeter in kitchen

Clever lighting

Clever ways of using lighting can transform your kitchen instantly and for less than you might think. Why not call us for a free quote today?

Solar Panels

NICEIC approved

Over 20 years’ experience

RECC compliant

Trading Standards approved

Double plug socket in contemporary kitchen

Maximise the potential of your kitchen

Modern kitchens are often large, open-plan areas that fulfil a number of functions – nowadays they are places to cook, relax, do the laundry, dine, and entertain. With the right lighting, you can maximise the potential of your kitchen by helping you to zone different areas of the kitchen at different times of the day or night. We can help you make the most of your kitchen with the right lighting.

Big silver electric oven in the black kitchen

Transform your kitchen

Ask any interior designer, and they will agree that the lighting in any room is a key factor in producing a certain mood or atmosphere. There are generally two types of lighting – task lighting, such as that used to light certain areas, like a worktop or cooker; and mood lighting, when you want a more intimate atmosphere, such as a dining area or just a space to relax. We can transform your kitchen and make it easier and safer to use.

Close up of a lit kitchen lamp

Appliances and extra USB sockets

Our experienced professional electricians can install all kinds of lighting to help you make the most of your kitchen space. We can install modern appliances that use less electricity – an important consideration when energy prices are so high. We can install traditional sockets, cookers, and extra USB sockets so you can use the kitchen as a workspace. We can also install LED lighting that is practical as well as creating a modern look to your kitchen.

Solar Panels

Are you thinking of installing lighting or an appliance in your kitchen?

Contact Brookes Electrical in Torquay for expert advice. We also do electrical underfloor heating and bathroom electrics.

Installing on a roof
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