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decor light bulb in coffee cafe

Replacement lights in Torquay

Contact Brookes Electrical in Torquay to install your replacement lighting.

The nice modern kitchen with a partial view of the seating area with the lights on

A huge variety of shapes and sizes

Lights come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and are used for everything from heavy duty outdoor security to LED strip lighting on kitchen cabinets.

Solar Panels

NICEIC approved

Over 20 years’ experience

RECC compliant

Trading Standards approved

Low Angle View Of Illuminated Light Bulbs

Any kind of lighting

Our experienced electricians are able to install any kind of lighting system. If possible, we can also repair your existing lighting system to save you money. Do bear in mind that if you currently use older, incandescent bulbs, it may be more cost effective to switch to modern LED bulbs, as these use a lot less energy than older bulbs and they will be much cheaper to run. LED bulbs come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes.

in a desert of endless fluorescent lights a lone plant struggles to stay alive

Domestic and commercial lighting

We can install lighting systems for both domestic and commercial properties. We can provide high quality work efficiently thanks to our use of the latest technology, and our years of experience and training. No job is too big or too small – from large commercial lighting installations and maintenance to small domestic upgrades and repairs. We are also experienced in installing the latest in smart technological advances to make controlling your lighting easier than ever.

Hand Electrician Fixing Light On Ceiling

Our experienced and friendly team

It is always safest to leave any electrical work to a trained professional. Our experienced and friendly team are always happy to advise you on the best way to make the most of any lighting in your home, and may be able to help you save money by switching to more energy efficient LED bulbs. You can also have a dimmer switch installed in your lounge or dining room to achieve a cosier, more relaxing atmosphere.

Solar Panels

Do you want to replace your lighting system?

Ask Brookes Electrical in Torquay to provide a free quote to replace or upgrade your lights. We can also install outdoor lighting and replacement plug sockets.

Installing on a roof
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