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Solar Panels

Managing effective solar installations in Launceston

Become part of the movement towards renewables with the guidance and support of Brookes Electrical Limited. Find out how to get started today!

Ruins of St Michaels Chapel on the granite outcrop known as Roche Rock mid Cornwall Englan

Trusted and chosen by Launceston

Whilst Launceston might be known as one of Cornwall’s greatest historic towns, its people are not shy of moving to innovative, renewable ways of powering their homes and establishments. Brookes Electrical Limited works with time-served businesses that are close to the community as well as homeowners, to elevate traditional buildings and bring their energy systems into the 21st century.

Whether you’re looking to cut costs or reap the benefits of renewable power, our state-of-the-art systems will help you reduce your reliance on the grid whilst combating fuel poverty and helping you reduce your carbon emissions. Take the first step today – future generations will thank you later.

Solar Panels

NICEIC approved

Over 20 years’ experience

RECC compliant

Trading Standards approved

Image of solar panels on the roof of a domestic property

Case studies

We installed a GSE In-Roof System in Launceston to help the client save on energy bills. By using SolarEdge optimizers, we’ve enabled maximum energy generation from the multiple roofs. Additionally, we coupled a SolarEdge hybrid inverter with an LG Chem 10kW battery, allowing the client to store excess energy for later use, further reducing their reliance on the grid and saving them money on energy bills.

Solar Panels

Based in Launceston and looking to go green?

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Installing on a roof
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