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Solar Panels

Exeter’s trusted solar panel installers

Considering a different way to power your home or business? Brookes Electrical Limited is here to help. Contact our team to discuss the needs for your system.

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Helping Exeter go green

Exeter is a city that has been building momentum in recent years, and what better way to showcase what we’re all about than by proving our commitment to the environment? Brookes Electrical Limited has worked with homeowners and establishments large and small to help them realise what the switch to renewable power could mean for them.

Many of our clients across the area have already implemented their own ways of reducing their carbon footprints – such as with electric vehicles – and thinking about lifestyle changes that work for the greater good. A solar installation is the next step in that change, helping you harness your own electricity, become less dependent on the grid, and reduce those energy bills at the same time! Our NICEIC approved solar installers can help you get there.

Solar Panels

NICEIC approved

Over 20 years’ experience

RECC compliant

Trading Standards approved

Modern European house with photo-electric solar panels on roof

Case studies

In Exeter, our client approached us with the need for a solar panel installation and battery storage solution, driven by their recent purchase of an electric vehicle (EV). To maximize energy and cost savings, we installed a 4.1 kW PV system across two separate roofs. This system efficiently feeds into a 3.6 kW hybrid inverter and is complemented by a 5.2 kW battery. By harnessing solar power and storing excess energy, our solution enables the client to reduce their reliance on the grid, resulting in significant energy and money savings.

Solar Panels

Put the power back in your hands

Work with Brookes Electrical’s solar installers to benefit you. Complete our online form to begin.

Installing on a roof
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