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outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard

Outdoor lighting in Torquay

Brookes Electrical in Torquay can supply all your outdoor lighting needs.

Night wedding ceremony with a lot of vintage lamps and candles on big tree

Trust the professionals

Outdoor lighting can fulfil so many functions – whether it is just to make it easier to unlock your front door in the dark, or to help deter intruders. You can trust the professionals at Brookes Electrical to install your outdoor lighting systems.

Solar Panels

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Lamp in the garden on the wall

Optimise your outside space

Many homeowners and landlords are looking to optimise the space they have available, and this includes the outdoor space around the property. By blurring the boundaries between the house and the garden, you can create a wonderful space to relax, grow your own food and entertain. To make the most of the space when the sun goes down, you will need plenty of task and ambient lighting to make spending more time outside safe and enjoyable.

motion sensor light on wall

Vital security lighting

Lighting doesn’t just create ambience – it can also provide vital security to keep your home and business safe and help to deter thieves or vandals. Lighting is necessary if you have CCTV that you wish to use after dark, and a bright security light that is motion activated will deter burglars from breaking in and stealing valuable equipment or property. They will also help you and your staff feel safe using the property when it is dark.

Garden lamp shine orange light in garden of hotel resort at night

Many different varieties of outdoor lighting

There are many different varieties of outdoor lighting available:

Camera lights

these can also provide images in case of an incident


PIR lights

use a passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect body heat and motion


Solar lights

are charged with energy from the sun during the day 

Security lighting

these are often controlled with a light sensor or can be used with a timer

Whatever kind of outdoor lighting you need, we have the expertise to install it safely.

Solar Panels

Are you thinking of installing outdoor lighting?

Call the experts at Brookes Electrical in Torquay to deter thieves from your property. We also install kitchen and bathroom electrics.

Installing on a roof
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