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Replacement plug sockets in Torquay

Brookes Electrical in Torquay can replace or upgrade any of your plug sockets.

UK plug about to be plugged into a white wall socket

Replacing plug sockets safely

Replacing a plug with the same model is a simple task, but if you want to replace it with a different size or type, it becomes much more complicated. You can trust our professional electricians to replace your plug sockets safely.

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Danger signs of plug sockets

Usually, plug sockets are replaced to match new décor, though there are danger signs to look out for that show they need replacing immediately:

  • Plugs are too loose in the socket

  • The socket or plug feels too warm 

  • There is smoke or a burning smell

  • Use of the socket causes fuses to blow

  • Scorch marks around the socket holes 

  • When the socket is used, there are crackling or popping sounds

Electrician installing wall socket

A variety of plug sockets

There are a variety of different plug sockets available:

  • Double or single plug sockets

  • TV and shaver sockets

  • Smart plug sockets – these can be connected to an app so they can be controlled remotely

  • RCD sockets – these have a built-in RCD to cut off the power if a fault is detected.

  • Wi-Fi extender sockets – these boost connectivity to the internet

  • Metal clad sockets – ideal for use with high usage or protection against accidental damage

  • USB sockets – these include USB sockets to charge phones etc

Hand pressing electronic-light switch

Extra sockets to maximise potential

As well as walls, electrical sockets can be installed on worktops or desks, and this may be especially useful if you work from home, or from a garage or workshop. Thinking about how you can best make use of the space often requires the installation of new sockets so you can access electricity easily and safely, without the overuse of extension leads, which can be dangerous, particularly if you use a lot of high voltage equipment at once.

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Do you need to replace your plug sockets?

Our reliable team from Brookes Electrical in Torquay will replace your plug sockets for a competitive price. Also call us for replacement lights and outdoor lighting.

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