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Solar panels Solar hot water also has industrial applications, such as generating electric

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Make positive change with Brookes Electrical Limited and discover how renewables could help you save money, lessen your reliance on the grid, and reduce your carbon footprint. Get in touch with our team for more information about the work we manage across Torquay.


Here for you and the planet

Finding the balance between doing what’s right for the environment and for our own wellbeing can be tricky. But harnessing renewables is a good place to start. Brookes Electrical Limited is on a mission; to help Torquay’s home and business owners move away from fossil fuels and create sustainable futures.

We work with clients from across the region, providing domestic and commercial grade solar panels and battery storage at reasonable rates and with impressive turnaround times. Being fully accredited and MCS registered means we conduct our practices with your satisfaction in mind, promoting a team of green energy installers that adhere to the latest guidelines and quality standards, so you can get more from your investment. Complete our online form, email or call our specialists today to learn how we could facilitate your energy transformation.

Address: 20 Severn Rd. Torquay, TQ2 7LY


Phone: 07975 837648

Solar Panels

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