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Solar Panels

Highly rated for solar installations in Newton Abbot

Care for the planet, reduce your monthly bills and become less reliant on the grid. Work with Brookes Electrical Limited to find out how.

Dartmoor National Park

It starts with you

As you’ll well know, Newton Abbot it a market town rich in culture and history. But what if we told you we’re about to make history today? With a whole host of renewable systems and extensive knowledge of the government’s latest environmental schemes, Brookes Electrical Limited is on a mission to make solar panels and battery storage the norm for households and businesses across the area.

We’re dedicated to protecting all that makes our area wonderful for future generations, and a good place to start is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. By utilising the natural sources already at our disposal, we can claim back control of our usage, combat rising bills, and rest in the knowledge that we have energy security. Are you fighting for the same cause? Contact us to discuss solar installations for your property.

Solar Panels

NICEIC approved

Over 20 years’ experience

RECC compliant

Trading Standards approved

Photovoltaic installation on a residential house

Case studies

In Newton Abbot, our team prioritised quality workmanship and materials for a client's south-facing garage roof. We installed 10 Canadian Solar panels, each with a capacity of 410W, ensuring optimal energy generation. To enhance energy efficiency and bill reduction, we integrated a hybrid inverter and 9.5kW of storage capacity. This setup allows the client to harness solar power effectively, saving on energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint. Our commitment to quality workmanship ensures a reliable and long-lasting solar solution for the client's needs.

Solar Panels

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Installing on a roof
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