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Solar Panels

Solar panel installations in Torquay

Brookes Electrical Limited is here to help you power your home or business with green electricity. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

Torquay harbour at blue hour provides a rather tranquil and peaceful location.Torquay is a

Bringing green power to Torquay

Torquay is a thriving Devon seaside town that's always growing in popularity. Brookes Electrical Limited has worked with homeowners and establishments large and small to help them find the best renewable electrical solutions for their properties.

As well as becoming less dependent on the National Grid, embracing solar power can help you reduce your energy bills and be more kind to the environment. Solar electricity is an effective and convenient lifestyle change you can make today. To find out more about our solar panel installations in Torquay, take a look at our case studies below. Contact our team directly to arrange a free quote for your property.

Solar Panels

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Solar panels fixed on the rooftop of a house

Domestic case study

In Torquay, our client presented us with the challenge of installing solar PV on roofs with multiple orientations. To optimise energy production and increase energy efficiency, we incorporated a Tigo optimiser system. Additionally, we installed a 5kW hybrid inverter paired with an 8.2kW battery for efficient energy storage. This comprehensive setup allows the client to generate and store electricity, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced reliance on the grid. By harnessing renewable energy sources, our solution promotes both environmental sustainability and cost savings for the client.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial case study

A local visitor attraction approached us with the goal of reducing their substantial electric bill and lowering their carbon footprint. We carefully selected a suitable roof and installed 11 JA Solar 545W solar panels, prioritising both energy-saving capabilities and quality workmanship. These panels are seamlessly integrated into a 5kW 3- phase Solis inverter, ensuring efficient energy conversion. Additionally, to maintain the panels' integrity and prevent unwanted nesting, we implemented bird protection measures. By harnessing clean, renewable energy, our solution not only helps the attraction save on electricity costs but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-notch workmanship for long-lasting and sustainable energy generation.

Young technician installing solar panels on factory roof

Commercial solar panels - a case study

We are proud to have designed and installed an exquisite Solar PV system for the Babbacombe Model Village, aimed at reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Our tailored solutions included two distinct systems. The first system, situated on a small metal roof at the garden's base, features 11x545w JA solar panels paired with a Solis 5kW 3-phase inverter. This system generates an average of 4,288 kWh annually, reducing carbon emissions by 1 ton each year.

On their main visitor centre roof, we installed the second system comprising 48x475W Jinko panels. To address shading concerns, we integrated Tigo optimizers to maintain optimal performance across all panels. With a 20KW 3-phase Solis inverter, this system is projected to produce an average of 25,840 kWh per year, offsetting their carbon footprint by 7 tons annually.

Combined, these systems will supply up to 34% of their electrical energy, with a payback period expected within 5.5 years. Experience the benefits of sustainable energy with our expert solar solutions at Babbacombe Model Village.

Solar Panels

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